Protect your freedom and privacy on the Internet

Become anonymous

Hide your identity! Change your IP-address and replace it with one of ours. No one, not even your own ISP, will know who you are and what websites are you surfing.

Unblock restrictions

ISP blocked websites and protocols at work or at home? YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sent a goodbye note? Not a problem anymore — enjoy your freedom.

Secure Wi-Fi connection

When you use public Wi-Fi, you should consider the risk of being «sniffed». Encoding your traffic with 128 bit key makes any public Wi-Fi safe.

Get more

Get access to new websites and services unavailable in your country until today. Online shops, games and much more.

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Available for every device

Kebrum VPN offers application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux so you can secure your desktop and mobile devices in seconds. Our application wraps OpenVPN and provides simple user interface, one-click connect and some additional time-saving features. In addition to the basic services, you get PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN account, which is perfect for anonymous and secure surfing on your Android and iOS mobile devices.